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G.SKILL Annual Overclocking Event and System Mod Showcase at Computex 2019

Taipei, Taiwan (16 May 2019) – G.SKILL International Enterprise Co., Ltd., the world’s leading manufacturer of extreme performance memory and gaming peripherals, will be hosting two of the largest extreme overclocking events – the 8th Annual OC World Record Stage 2019 and the 6th Annual OC World Cup 2019 – and continuing from last year, the 2nd Annual G.SKILL Extreme Mod Stage 2019, where ten modded system equipped with the latest G.SKILL products will be showcased, at the G.SKILL booth throughout the week of Computex 2019. These 3 events will be held at the G.SKILL booth in the Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1 (TaiNEX 1), 1F, Booth J0617.

8th Annual OC World Record Stage 2019
One of the largest events in the extreme overclocking community is the OC World Record Stage, this year, 15 professional overclockers from all over the world will be attempting to break as many benchmark world records as possible. This event will be featuring the latest Intel platforms, Samsung memory components, G.SKILL memory modules, and high performance motherboards from major vendors such as MSI, ASUS, ASRock, and EVGA. All of the hardware will be pushed to their limits under extreme cooling using liquid nitrogen.

6th Annual OC World Cup 2019 - with $25,000 USD Prize Pool
This year, G.SKILL will once again increase the OC World Cup 2019 competition prize pool to $25,000 USD, and the champion of the OC World Cup 2019 will be awarded with $10,000 USD and a TEK-9 ICON 3.0 GPU LN2 Pot from K|ngp|n Cooling. Refer to the following list for the breakdown of prizes:

Champion: $10,000 USD + TEK-9 ICON 3.0 GPU LN2 Pot
2nd: $3,500 USD
2nd: $3,500 USD
3rd: $2,500 USD
4th: $2,000 USD
5th: $1,800 USD
6th: $1,600 USD
7th: $1,400 USD
8th: $1,200 USD
9th: $1,000 USD

Image: TEK-9 ICON 3.0 GPU LN2 Pot by K|ngp|n Cooling)

During this year’s OC World Cup 2019 competition, the latest Intel, Samsung, and G.SKILL high performance hardware will be used. Additionally, instead of six Live Qualifier contenders, nine of the world’s top overclockers from the intense Online Qualifier round will be competing against each other this year for the champion title of OC World Cup 2019 over the course of Computex week at the G.SKILL booth. In no particular order, the nine expert overclockers are: safedisk from South Korea, rsannino from Italy, Dancop from Germany, Lucky_n00b from Indonesia, Alex@ro from Romania, Radi from France, Bullshooter from Germany, Niuulh from France, and IvanCupa from Indonesia.

G.SKILL Extreme Mod Stage 2019
Due to the great reception from last year, G.SKILL will continue to showcase more unique computer system mods. 11 of the world’s most creative and special system mods will be on display at the G.SKLL booth during Computex 2019. Each system mod is carefully designed, crafted, and assembled by some of the world’s most talented system mod builders, each representing a specific theme or idea that shows computer systems aren't just limited to being a workstation or an entertainment center, but also a work of art.

Featuring extreme overclocking and creative mod systems, come and join the excitement at the G.SKILL booth at Computex 2019!